Rogue Bee is committed to utilizing technology to motivate and empower people to see their potential, the potential in others to create positive change in our globalized society. Our primary focus is to humanize current tech platforms and discover new opportunities to increase positive impact. Here at Rogue Bee we believe that technology should not be about creating one thought process but rather bringing individual thought processes to harmonize together. No one voice is more important and no thought is too weak. We empower on another because at the end of the day the world is our hive. We believe in unlocking the good in people. That failure should be viewed as a catalyst for growth. That fear is an indicator that something amazing is about to happen. That sometimes passion needs a push and ourpurpose needs a compass but they are still there. RB is not about being a tech firm... it’s about increasing impact. If we reach just one... if we help just one...if we inspire just one... it would’ve been worth it.



Dr. Humble Hustle

Whether you find Dr. Perez in a classroom setting educating students on real world solutions, in a government agency providing conflict resolution strategiesor in an international round table discussions advocating for change, there will always be one common thread. Dr. Perez has a passion for helping people meet their full potential. As a "what's my purpose " survivor herself, Dr. Perez understands the challenges people face striving to reach their goals. Her unique approach creates a call for action within others motivating them to be the best versions of themselves and always promoting a humble hustle.


Operational Gem (OG)

Fueled by the struggle and strength from female mentors in her life, Barbie Parra is driven to create communities where women can find the support needed to be empowered individuals. Described as a "go getter" who "loves the growth process", Barbie Parra strives to ensure that people tap into their talents and develop them to there full potential Barbie Parra's current work in Higher Education has exposed her to the transformative power of education and she longs to share its power with the world


Creative Ace

Pam has built the foundation of her life and career on the principles honesty and integrity. She is committed to designing spaces where she can entertain and inspire people to be the most authentic version of themselves. As a creative, tech savvy, Master of Global Strategic Communications, her unique ability to connect with people combined with her passion for fashion, travel, social media and education make Pam on the top of our list for whats trending today.

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